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Your best essay begins HERE. 

know what to say & how to say it - in a voice and style all your own

Sometimes I send emails about things you don't find in writing books. 


Want to take advantage of my 20+ years as an academic writing specialist to write better?

What's with the cat pic? It's not pretentious or contrived, and it tells you something about me - just like good academic writing. It also gives me some credibility when I say, I don't do academic writing like everybody else. 

Like free stuff?
I've got something for you...

It's a printable mini-tutorial that shows you how to evaluate your thesis statement. I'll give you a play-by-play analysis of a not so good and a not too bad thesis statement. And - I'll show you how to fix them up - just like you were sitting with me at a desk. That's my way of saying it looks like something out of my notebook - lots of arrows, annotations and explanations everywhere.



I'm Jenn. An academic writing expert, creator of anti-jargon writing tutorials and lessons, bookworm with a master's degree, private tutor who sticks around for the long haul, obsessive DIYer & thrifter, long-time visual artist, cat lover, and proud mama of two free-spirited boys and one mini-me. 
I'm here to help you write essays that put your ideas in the spotlight and say just as much about you as the camera roll on your phone. I'm also here to tell you to stay away from YouTube videos that promise quick fixes and A's, writing formulas, and the 5 Paragraph Essay, critical thinking's nemesis.

Still here?

Ahhhh, nice. You're serious about stepping up your writing game. Alright, I'm in. Let's do it! 


There are two kinds of academic writing: the dry oatmeal kind that's bland and hard to swallow, and the kind that isn't. I help you write the kind that isn't.



The information was presented in a clear and fun manner... the course material was direct and easy to understand.

I think Jenn is doing a great job ... She is very engaging.

With respect to cost, it is not inexpensive; however, the quality of instruction and lessons are interesting, captivating and personalized... Overall, very pleased.

Awesome! I’m glad we participated! You have put together a great package! I would definitely recommend it to others.

Thank you so much for all your help with Sal this year. He indeed had a great year and your support was of tremendous value. Not only did you help improve his English mark, but you gave him the tools and confidence in an area that he never thought he would be able succeed in. Again - thank you.

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