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your best essay begins here.

Hey! You just found my little corner on the web with personal academic writing tutorials that don't require a PhD to understand and that show you exactly what to do to capture your own unique voice and drive up your GPA.


find out if my tutorials will work for you - because they're not for everyone

skip the sales pitch and see why these tutorials get you real results

head over to another page and find the tutorial that's right for you

Jenn smiles and her cat, Wix, is curled up on her back

Sometimes I send emails about things you don't find in writing books. 

Want to take advantage of my 20+ years as an academic writing specialist and step up your writing game?

here the deal

Okay, here's the deal...

The rules of copywriting say not to do this. But, I've never been great at following rules so I'm just gonna tell you the hard truth. My digital tutorials aren't for everyone.  I've been a writing teacher for almost 25 years, and I created my tutorials for a specific kind of student.

my tutorials work for students in high school, college or university who want to...

see big changes in their writing and their grades and are willing to put in the work to make it happen
learn to become better critical thinkers and engage in conversations with authors
find their own voice and be able to speak intelligently about a topic - not just repeat what others have said
be given step-by-step instruction that's easy to understand (and a little more visually appealing)
build their writing skill set & be challenged to think about writing in new ways
fix the root of the problem so they can complete any writing assignment, not just one specific assignment

AND they're made for students who  say things like...

I'm done with wasting my time doing so much unnecessary research.
I don't know what to do to see big changes in my grades. I feel like nothing works.
I wish I knew what to say in an essay and how to make better use of my time. It takes me so long to figure out what to write.

Writing needed its morning coffee.

A lot of writing instruction makes me cringe. The wordy formats, the limited use of examples, the hard-to-understand explanations, the dry presentation, and the endless passing off of writing formulas as writing instruction...Ugh! 

So, I put my visual arts degree and creative thinking skills to use. The result? Personal & easy to read tutorials that wake up tired grades. 

Jenn smiling at the camera holding a cup of black coffee

the inside scoop


I have a real problem with slippery language and big promises - things you often find on a sales page. So, rather than making a bunch of big promises and highly unlikely guarantees, I'll tell you what makes my tutorials different from the ones you find on bookshelves and Google, and why my tutorials have helped 1000s of students just like you see big changes in their writing - and their GPA.

Stick with me. Things are about to get personal...

inside scoop

Let's be honest. My tutorials aren't magical. They're personal - and that's why they work. 

Let me explain...


I struggled to get good grades on essays for most of my undergrad.

Yep, it's true. I've been where you are. I know firsthand how confusing and stressful essays can be, and I know the self-doubt that sets in when the numbers don't move in your direction. 

But, the numbers can change and the anxiety and stress you feel around writing can subside. (Notice I didn't say disappear        )

I've helped 1000s of students just like you reach their academic goals. Not because my tutorials are magical. Because they're personal. They're created, designed and written by a once-struggling student who gets it.


I used to think the words on the page were the problem.

In my 2nd year of undergrad, a prof scribbled on one of my essays, "Go to the writing centre." I did. A handful of times. And, it didn't help me - mostly because the instructors were PhD students (not experienced writing teachers and previously struggling students) who focused on fixing the words on my paper.

I didn't know it then, but the words on the paper weren't what I needed to fix. My naive understanding of academic writing and complete unawareness of how to use the writing process effectively were the real culprits of my mediocre essays.

My teaching process uses visuals, diagrams, and creative formats to make sure you develop your own inner writing critic, along with a clear picture of what academic writing looks like. My tutorials go beyond elementary formulas like the 5 paragraph essay and 3 point thesis to elevate your thinking and give your writing an author's edge - two things prof's always reward.


I know how 1000s of students think.

In my first year of uni, I became the senior writing tutor at an elite educational centre in uptown Toronto. I worked as the senior writing tutor for 5 years before becoming promoted to Director of the centre. 

In all my years of tutoring, I've never met just an ordinary student. Every student I've worked with has their own stories, interests, goals, and ways of seeing. That's why my digital tutorials and classes don't look and feel like something you'd find on Google. At the core of each one of my digital tutorials is me - and little pieces of all my 1000s of students.

Now, let's not do too much math - but that's almost 25 years of writing instruction built into each tutorial.

Since I'm not just an ordinary tutor and you're not just an ordinary student, my tutorials aren't just ordinary tutorials

The Unordinary Features of My Digital Tutorials

simple drawing of a group of people having a conversation


It's not just my way of thinking and seeing you get in my tutorials. It's also the questions, insights, mistakes, and struggles of my past students. You'll read and get the answers to questions you thought only you had and discover new ways to think about writing.

simple line drawing of a lady wearing glasses and a collared shirt


simple graphic of a mountain with a flag mounted n its peak


English lit and the visual arts. That's what I studied in university, and both of these disciplines shape how I teach, craft and structure my writing tutorials. It's a pretty spicy combo. My literary side keeps the explanations easy to follow, and my creative side keeps you awake.

Clean and visually creative formats simplify complex ideas and make you feel less like you're reading a textbook and more like you're reading a good magazine

simple graphic of two boxes. one has the letter Q in it and the other has the letter A in it


Your grammar isn't going to make or break your grade. Your ideas and how you communicate them will. That's why all of my tutorials focus on teaching you how to think like a critic and find your own authentic voice.

Jenn sitting cross-legged on a stool looking up at the camera
simple graphic of a pencil and paper with a checkmark located in the upper left hand corner


Simple drawings, charts and images help you make sense of abstract writing concepts and  make it a little easier for you to apply your learning. You'll see writing in new ways as you begin to think more like an author and less like a student.

An outline of a body, divided into 6 sections. Each section is scribbled in a different colour and says one thing that makes my digital tutorials unique. The 6 sections read: being successful in grad school, studying English Lit, studying the visual arts, struggling as an undergrad, being a mom of 3, being a tutor for 20+ years

Did I mention I love a good visual?  I do, and I thought you might, too. 


my real experiences get you real results!

When it comes to writing a grad school worthy paper, you need to have three things: an efficient process, strong content and good structure. 

I want you to grab the tutorial that's going to help you write your best essay. Check out the chart below to find the unordinary tutorial that's just right for you.

master the process

level up your content

 tighten your structure

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