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Grade saving surgery for your thesis statement

Swap out ambiguous phrases for clear ones, cut out filler words and jargon, and replace weak verbs with strong ones - that's what I show you how to do in this mini digital tutorial. After cutting up and examining a bad, not so bad and pretty good thesis statement, you'll be tweaking, nipping and tucking your own and keeping your essay - and your grade - off of life support.


Here's what I'm sending to your inbox

my signature thesis assessment calculator that works for any thesis 

a handy chart outlining the hallmarks of a strong thesis

before & after pics of thesis statements for you to study & compare

a practical infographic to trim your topic for any essay

a word-by-word breakdown of three thesis statements to get you thinking more like a prof

a question map to show you how to move from your thesis into your research - that's going to save you some time!

Grab Your Thesis Freebie

Not sure if you've got a strong thesis statement? I'll walk you through a weak, average & strong thesis statement so you know what to look out for and what to do.

Which one best describes you?
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