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Ohhh, it's freebie time!

Grab as many as you want!

Right now, I have 2 ready for you and a couple more in the works. Make sure you're on my email list  & I'll let you know when your next one's ready.



this one's a mini-digital tutorial that previews the ideas covered in Thesis Thinking


this one's an organizer with a nudge to start you in the right direction

TIghten & Tone

Grade saving surgery for your thesis statement

Swap out ambiguous phrases for clear ones, cut out filler words and jargon, and replace weak verbs with strong ones - that's what I show you how to do in this mini digital tutorial. After cutting up and examining a bad, not so bad and pretty good thesis statement, you'll be tweaking, nipping and tucking your own and keeping your essay - and your grade - off of life support.


Here's what I'm sending to your inbox

my signature thesis assessment calculator that works for any thesis 

before & after pics of thesis statements for you to study & compare

a word-by-word breakdown of three thesis statements to get you thinking more like a prof

a question map to show you how to move from your thesis into your research - that's going to save you some time!

a handy chart outlining the hallmarks of a strong thesis

a practical infographic to trim your topic for any essay

Reading Planner

Get more out of your reading time. Set realistic expectations.

You don't read all texts the same way. This planner helps you pay attention to how you read a text so you plan and organize your study time more effectively.

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