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7 Steps to Writing A Strong Essay in University

7 Steps to Writing A Strong Essay in University


In this 15 page university essay writing resource & planner, I walk you through my 7 step process for planning, researching & writing a strong university essay. I explain each step in easy-to-understand language and provide definitions & examples where necessary. Also, since the thinking underlying your essay plays the greatest role in the overall quality of your essay, I've included creative & specific ways to think through & organize a thesis statement. In this resource, you will also be given tips & guidance on how to:

  • narrow down an essay topic
  • write a working thesis statement
  • handle counterarguments
  • better understand your prof's expectations
  • organize & manage your research
  • evaluate the quality of your thesis statement
  • improve the flow and organization of your essay
  • edit your writing for grammar, style, punctuation & personality
  • plan & manage your time with a personal essay planner
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