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I'm just going to say it...

A lot of writing resources make me cringe. The wordy formats, the lack of pictures, the limited use of examples, the jargon-filled explanations, the vague (or non-existent!) steps, the dry presentation, and the endless passing off of writing formulas as writing instruction...Ugh! 

If you feel this, keep reading...this story has a happy ending

Jenn smiling at the camera holding a cup of black coffee
Tell me the story

Twenty years ago, when I started tutoring...

I spent hours flipping through writing books and searching websites looking for writing resources with explanations my students would actually understand, a variety of different examples they could study, an easy to follow set of steps they could use to get started, and something - anything! - that would keep them from drifting into a coma.

When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I made my own. And then, a few years ago, I turned them into my own brand of artist-meets-academic writing tutorials. 

Because I'm not just an ordinary tutor, my digital tutorials aren't just ordinary tutorials

...which works out well, because I'm sure you're not just an ordinary student

I've worked with 1000s of students from elementary school to graduate school. And, I've never met just an ordinary student. Every student I've worked with has their own stories, interests, goals, and ways of seeing. And, that's why my digital tutorials and classes don't look and feel like something you'd find on Google. At their core is me - and little pieces of all my 1000s of students.
    In every digital lesson, coaching session and course I offer, the conversations, explanations, doodles and diagrams from all of the hours I spent working with students at desks and dining room tables take centre stage. 

An outline of a body, divided into 6 sections. Each section is scribbled in a different colour and says one thing that makes my digital tutorials unique. The 6 sections read: being successful in grad school, studying English Lit, studying the visual arts, struggling as an undergrad, being a mom of 3, being a tutor for 20+ years


The Un-Ordinary Features of My Digital Tutorials

simple drawing of a group of people having a conversation


simple line drawing of a lady wearing glasses and a collared shirt


simple graphic of a mountain with a flag mounted n its peak


English lit and the visual arts. That's what I studied in university, and both of these disciplines shape how I teach. You'll like literary Jenn's detailed explanations, and you'll appreciate artsy Jenn's insistence on making learning personal and relevant. 

It's not just my way of thinking and seeing you get in my tutorials. It's also the questions, insights, mistakes, and struggles of my past students. You'll read and get the answers to questions you thought only you had and discover new ways to think about writing.

Each one of my digital tutorials has its own special format and structure to optimize your learning and to make the material easier for you to navigate. 

simple graphic of two boxes. one has the letter Q in it and the other has the letter A in it


Your grammar isn't going to make or break your grade. Your ideas and how you communicate them will. That's why each of my digital tutorials gives you different ways to think about writing and how it works - so you strengthen your understanding and discover your own authentic voice. 

simple graphic of a pencil and paper with a checkmark located in the upper left hand corner


Simple drawings, charts and images help you make sense of abstract writing concepts and  make it a little easier for you to apply your learning. You'll see writing in new ways as you begin to think more like an author and less like a student.

Jenn sitting cross-legged on a stool looking up at the camera
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