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Make It Persuasive 

60 min. Video Tutorial 

...the class that should've
been taught in high school.


This is the class that wasn't offered in high school, but should've been. Let me take the wheel for a second - actually more like an hour - and help you make a sharp YOU-turn. In this video tutorial, I spell out the hallmarks of academic writing and debunk a lot of high school writing myths. The best part, though? I walk you through an essay, one paragraph at a time, one example at a time, teaching you how to unravel an author's points and how to use them to make your own.

Let me show you how to dust off your ideas, put 'em in the spotlight and give 'em the attention they deserve - so you get the results you want. 

Join me in this 60 min. class and learn...

how to express your ideas in a scholarly, yet personal way
how to use academic language to refine your arguments and add the kinds of details that will give your writing an author's edge 
the right and wrong ways to craft a strong academic argument to make sure you sidestep the most common student mistakes 
4 critical reading strategies to take your ideas from 'meh' to A-'MEH'- ZING!
3 ways to think about language to choose the right words and make your point stand out 
how to add your own personal style and why it's necessary if you want to skyrocket your grades

I absolutely LOVED the Make It Persuasive seminar, and I would 100% sign up for any future seminars. Every word you spoke was so valuable. I could attend this seminar over and over again and still take something new out of it each time.


A very well organized and well presented seminar. Jenn provided the tools and resources necessary to writing a thoughtful and effective paper. She used a sample essay to demonstrate her key points and provided a printable resource to use throughout the presentation that included tips, examples and space to take notes - a useful tool for all future papers.

simply AMAZING!

Jenn touched on aspects of writing that I'd never (ever) been taught to consider. She provided incredibly insightful ways to approach critical thinking, supporting arguments, even word choice. Jenn skills you in a manner that works to elevate your personal style and voice. I actually left wanting to write a persuasive essay for no reason.



Push Your Thinking
Pull Up Your Grades!


I created this video tutorial with a specific student in mind. Let's see if you're that student....

You're often told to explain your ideas more.


You rely on big words and "floow-fy" sentences to make your ideas sound better.  


You think grandiose statements and bold claims are at the heart of a convincing argument.


You know you need to read critically, but you're not sure what that really means. 


You're not sure what kind of content profs really want




You write to be right.
You think formal writing is a synonym for bland.
I get it. A lot of academic journals are a little (insert big yawn). But, essays that make the grade aren't.
Your intro opens with, "In this essay...," it's followed by 3 body paragraphs, and then the words "In conclusion..." appear
No grammar rules. No complicated reading passages. No philosophizing or theorizing about how to best construct an argument. This class is all about showing you practical ways to read and write more like a scholar with a touch of your own writerly style.

Give me 60 mins. and you'll...

be able to spot and correct the most common rookie writing mistakes made by uni/college students
know how to add details that will make your writing stand out and show off your great ideas
have a set of active reading strategies that you can use to dig into any type of text
write punchier sentences to make sure your new, insightful ideas are given the attention they deserve
think more like a scholar when writing an essay, and less like a student
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