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Ultimate Essay Planner

Do you wish you could...

organize your ideas better before you began writing?

spend less time reading and more time taking notes that will actually help you?

stop using predictable writing formulas and write an essay profs want to read?

Ultimate Planner

Now, you can. I've got your plan ready to go!

...and, thankfully, it's anything but ordinary

Check out these numbers to find out why this planner is a whole lot more than your average planner


it's the first planner (I've ever seen!) that focuses on big picture thinking, and not 3 point paragraphs and a 5 paragraph essay structure


it includes 7 fully completed sample organizers with tips on how to make your planner work for you


this is the total number of graphic organizers you'll get - so you customize your plan to your ways of thinking and make progress from beginning to end

the 14 organizers you'll get...

​- ultimate essay planner checklist
- interpret the question
- brain dump warm-up
- brain dump mind-map method
- craft a research question
- write a working thesis statement
- essay structure outline

- article analysis
- citation tracker
- post-reading guided reflection
- post-reading reflection
- important quotes
- post-research outline

sample organizers...

the highlighted organizers in the list are the ones that have a completed sample with tips on how to use them 

Yikes! I almost forgot to mention

I've also included 2 BONUS skill building tutorials


Mastering  Your Task

a 2 page mini-tutorial explaining the 10 most common directive/task words most likely to appear in your writing assignment 


4 Must-Use Reading & Research Strategies

a 2 page tutorial teaching you reading & research strategies that I've taught students at all levels of education to become a more selective reader and a better critical thinker

Essay Guide

     Steps to Writing A Strong Essay in University



Does this sound like you?

I want to get this essay done, but I have no clue where to start.

I feel like I waste so much time writing essays.

How much research should I do? What kind of info should I be looking for?

Ugh. I wish I knew what my prof expected. 

Yep. I said the same things. That's why I created this practical, jargon-free, essay guide so you can...

Make your first year grades a lot better than mine.

Get the answers you need sooner than later!

You'll learn...

the difference between an essay topic and an essay question to start you on the right track

critical thinking strategies to make beginning your essay less stressful

a step-by-step approach to tackle each stage of the writing process

my top tips on how to write a time-saving thesis statement and 5 ways to evaluate the quality of your thesis 

as well a few grade-boosting extras...

time-saving organization strategies & a time management planner so you avoid late-night writing sessions and make editing a priority
tips on how to set up your lecture and research notes so after you've finished reading you have something to say
a mini-annotated tutorial on how to write a research question and how to to use it to guide your thinking and reading 

Like short videos? Same. In 1 min, you'll know mostly everything you need to about this guide. 

Did I mention I'm on YouTube? I am. But, not in the quick-fix and easy hacks kind of way. More like in a today-I-had-a-thought-I-wanted-to-share-with-you kind of way.
Check out this video and click the subscribe button - unless you're looking for writing cheats and essay quickies.  Then, don't click it.
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